The green perks of apartment living in Charlotte

Most of us would have disagree that living in an apartment had its benefits more than normal houses. When it comes to standard and normal house, it’s a house with its lawns and gardens, with many bedrooms to be counted with. Who wouldn’t resist that big space and private? Who would have wanted to stay at a small, cramped place in addition to no privacy as wall were shared between apartment householders?

Beauty of nature:

In a most natural way, Charlotte had continued to keep the green environment, applying the eco-friendly development. Breathe the fresh air in Charlotte. The Queen City is compulsory not to be missed by any means who loved to be in nature itself. In this type of terms, apartment living would be a sure winner. Have it the most creative and expensive garden and landscape designer for your garden at home, it wouldn’t surpass the beauty. In Charlotte, it would have made your garden just a pile of dirt. Discover the botanical garden that harness great beauty, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and acquire unlimited access from the nearest apartments. Catawba Apartments, Bexley Steelecroft Apartments, you named it.

Shopping in green:

While enjoying nature, Charlotte offers shopping with the ecological theme. American Apparel, which is just walking distance to Bexley, offered clothes made of organic material. Don’t worry!

The material is as tough as cotton-made clothes. The rumours that organic didn’t last long is so off the facts. Going green are so much easier with the access you have from apartment living.

Farmers market

Cook yourself a meal with fresh ingredients from a farmers market. Take the elevator, walk from your apartment area and reach the markets in no time. The 1st market you would have to go is 7th Street Public Market, full of gourmet and farmers food. Find yourself a bakery, pizzeria and eat a fresh-from-oven buns while walking back to your apartments. It’s very convenient for apartment householder as you could just walk. Ride your car to there and you would catch in the competition for parking.

The huge storage for farmer’s food would be the Atherton Market, an indoor market formerly a cotton mill. Get yourself meat, dairy products, cheese, milk and all sorts at incredible fresh state with low prices. If you are not a cook, watch the cooking demonstration regularly held in the market that emphasises local flavours and spices. Learn the correct way of cooking and cook it in your apartment.