Charlotte: The perfect holiday getaway

As holiday season are around the corner, people were on frantic race on booking hotels and places to spend their holiday. The common would befall upon at a holiday at a 5-star rated hotels and resorts while enjoying the spa, gym, and fantastic buffet. At the end of the season, many would have lost thousands of dollars on a common holiday with no of its specialty to make it the most memorable. People had a choice. Urban or nature-themed holiday? How about a bit of both? Searching for the right spot to spend your holiday both of urban and nature would be very difficult and expensive to find. Even so, it never said not possible. The commoners would be browsing through a booking website, comparing and selecting hotels with the best prices but at the same time with high-rated. Is it possible to have the three of them in one package of the holiday? On top of that, Apartments in Charlotte, North Carolina would serve the best regarding that request.

Apartments’ availability:

Charlotte filled most spaces with more than 360 apartments with the best amenities at constant low rates. Sterling Steele Creek, Bexley, Auston Woods, The Fairways and many others offered competitive prices. All year round, the apartment would always be available. You don’t have to fight an argument with hotels receptionist for rooms!

Don’t worry about the details. Interior design is well taken care of, and maintenance were regularly held for the best experience for rentals. Most apartment residents offered an Olympic-size swimming pool, spas, and all sorts that you can get from a rated hotels.

Urban activity:

Charlotte is the largest city of North Carolina, contained one of the extraordinary culture of sports, music, and arts. If you are a fan of water sports, book yourself an apartment here and grab yourself to the National Whitewater Center. Possessed the record of the largest manmade river in the world, would not disappoint you on giving the most memorable experience.

That’s just the start. A fan of thrill and excitement with the adrenaline-loaded journey? Make your way to the Carowinds. Thrill Capital of Southeast-Amusement Park full of hyper speed roller-coaster and rides that would make your heart bloated out. That would be the least of Charlotte.


The great reason of why do people randomly choose camping in the wilderness is simple. To breathe the fresh and green morning air while surrounded with huge and exotic trees would be a great way to relieve the stress from the busy, hectic city work. But, the beauty of nature in Charlotte shouldn’t be underestimated. Although it’s known for the International Gateway of South, the most accessible city from Washington D.C and Texas, it had its name for the green and eco-culture build within the Queen City.

Picture yourself at the Nature Conservancy, with its huge coverage of huge and old trees, a habitat of more than 1000 species to look for.